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September 23rd, 2016

Expert Accused of Lying About Credentials...

· Certification, Computer, Expert Witness, Experts, Forensics

A Tampa man that served as an expert witness was arrested and held in a Polk County jail. He’s accused of lying under oath at least 5 different times in cases involving child porn and child sex abuse. According to police, the expert lied about his college degree, his military service, his level of security […]

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September 22nd, 2016

Expert Witness Testifies Police Violated Training...

· Criminology and Investigations, Experts

A police force and tactics expert witness testified that Albuquerque Police were reckless in their attempts to get a homeless man to surrender. Two former APD police officers are on trial for the murder of the man following his shooting death. But the defense fired back in its cross-examination of the expert witness. At times, […]

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September 19th, 2016

Expert Witnesses Disagree Whether Death Was a Suicide...

· Certification, Criminology and Investigations, Experts

During the prosecution’s case, a crime scene analyst expert witness testified that Deborah Hovestadt’s death was not a suicide. Darryl Taylor, the man accused of murdering Hovestadt, had alleged that her death was not at his hands. When the defense presented its case, they provided an expert witness that testified that the death was in […]

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September 14th, 2016

DNA Expert Humiliated on Cross-Examination...

· Certification, DNA, Expert Witness, Experts

Prosecutors methodically eviscerated the defense’s DNA expert’s credibility using the expert’s four-page resume during the trial of Mayer Herskovic. Herskovic is accused of being the ringleader of a group of men that beat a gay black man in Brooklyn.  The attack left the victim blind in one eye. There were witnesses to the attack. The […]

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September 12th, 2016

Did Expert Witness Lie About Her Transcripts?...

· Experts, Forensics

An expert witness with Harris County Institute of Forensic Science is accused of lying under oath. It doesn’t affect just one case. The expert has been testifying in drunk driving cases for ten years according to reports. Despite the expert claiming the controversy is the result of a mistake, the president of the Harris County […]

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September 9th, 2016

Secondary Transfer DNA in Christina Morris Kidnapping...

· Criminology and Investigations, DNA, Experts, Forensics

Secondary transfer of DNA will form part of another criminal defense case. This time in the defense of Enrique Arochi in the Christina Morris kidnapping prosecution. This defense is becoming a staple of defense lawyers in the US and beyond. Currently, there’s a case in the UK where a defendant is using the same theory. […]

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September 7th, 2016

Accident Experts Testify in Road Rage Murder Trial...

· Accidents and Injuries, Experts, Forensics

Prosecutors called an accident reconstruction expert to the stand to testify that Frances Hall’s Cadillac Escalade struck her estranged husband’s motorcycle which led to his death. This testimony added to that of the state investigator. Both attempted to demonstrate that Frances Hall initiated the contact between her SUV and her husband’s the motorcycle. The accident […]

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September 5th, 2016

Experts Battle in Birgfield Murder Case...

· Criminology and Investigations, Experts, Forensics

The defense called a former homicide detective to testify as an expert witness to challenge the investigation conducted by police in the 2007 disappearance of Paige Birgfield. Lester Jones is on trial for the kidnapping and murder of Paige Birgfield. BIrgfield was a single mother who led a secret double life as an escort. Her […]

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August 31st, 2016

Did Experts Defraud Oso Landslide Victims?...

· Expert Witness, Experts

Oso landslide plaintiffs accused expert witnesses for the State of Washington of destroying emails and creating a deception in a motion filed as part of their lawsuit. The action was filed after forty-three people in the Steelhead Haven community were killed on March 22, 2014 due to the collapse of a hillside along the North […]

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August 29th, 2016

Mariana Judge Rules in Expert Battle...

· Certification, Criminology and Investigations, EWN News, Expert Witness

The District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands denied without prejudice the motion of the U.S. government to exclude the testimony of an expert witness for one of three Chinese nationals being tried. The suspects were arrested and charged following the seizure of 4.9 lbs of methamphetamine or “ice” worth $850,000 during a routine inspection […]

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